Marvin Bergsneider, MD
Marvin Bergsneider, MD

It is a great honor to have Marvin Bergsneider as the 65th President of the Western Neurosurgical Society. Dr. Bergsneider has been a member since 1999 and has served as Vice President from 2013 to 2014. He has also served as Membership Committee Chair and Scientific Program Chair in the past.

Marvin is a first generation American. His father, Peter, was of Dutch descent, and his mother, Hilda, Colombian via Spanish explorers in the distant past. Peter and Hilda attended several of the WNS meetings in Hawaii. His parents immigrated to the US from Colombia in the 50’s, penniless and Spanish-speaking only, settling in Oklahoma City. His father put himself through Oklahoma City University welding bridges, graduating with a degree in mathematics. He then learned electronic engineering through a military program, and subsequently worked for 40 years as an Army civil servant. Not surprisingly, the Army moved the family often during Marvin’s childhood, including a period in Hawaii, but eventually settling in Sierra Vista, Arizona since 1973. His mother, a professional ballerina in Colombia, started the Sierra Vista Ballet Company which she has directed for the past 44 years. She continues to teach at 92 but unfortunately they lost husband and father this past year at age 92.

Marvin attended the University of Arizona from 1979 to 1983, graduating with highest distinction, with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He went on to Medical school at the University of Arizona graduating in 1987 with AOA honors. Marvin considers himself the Forrest Gump of neurosurgery, having been randomly assigned to a 3-week neurosurgery rotation rather late in the 3rd year of medical school. After seeing a total of 3 operations (all craniotomies), he decided to apply for neurosurgery residency training. Despite doing no neurosurgery sub-internships as a 4th year student, he somehow matched at UCLA in 1987 for his neurosurgical residency. On his first day of internship, he discovered that neurosurgeons also do spine. Marvin trained under Donald Becker, graduating in 1994. During residency, he met Linda. In 1996, both Marvin and Linda attended the WNS meeting at Manele Bay Resort on the island of Lanai. You might say they also fell in love with the WNS, deciding to get married at the same resort the following year. Marvin has experienced several firsts at the WNS, including being the first non-first lady of the Society when Linda served as the Society’s President in 2016.

Marvin had 3 brothers. Unfortunately, his older brother was killed in a bicycle accident last year. He was an award-winning residential architect in Scottsdale. He has a brother in the aerospace business in Akron Ohio and another in computer software in New Jersey. Marvin and Linda have 2 children: Brandon who is 21 and a senior at Stanford. He hopes to begin medical school following a gap year obtaining a master’s degree in bioinformatics. His younger sister Bianca has a bit of a jump on things as she is a freshman at Brown University, having already been accepted into the 8-year combined undergrad-medical school program.

After residency, Marvin joined the faculty at UCLA and became involved with research, studying metabolic changes with PET after TBI. His engineering background also drew him to study ICP physiology and hydrocephalus. He was promoted to full Professor in 2010 and he became the Director of the Intra-Operative MRI Program at UCLA, exploring this then new technology to improve tumor resections. For the past decade, he has directed the UCLA Pituitary and Skullbase Surgery Program, advancing the field of endoscopic skullbase surgery. He currently maintains a close academic relationship with the UCLA School of Engineering and is currently developing an MRI micro coil for ultrahigh resolution imaging of the pituitary gland in Cushing’s disease! Marvin has a passion as an educator, taking the role of Residency Program Director at UCLA in 2013. Linda, who became the Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at UCLA in 2017, is officially his boss at work and at home.

We wish Marvin well and success as our new leader of the Westerner Neurosurgical Society. He certainly is up to the job given his academic success UCLA.

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